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My (Mick Ridley) photo. Mars University. I am retiring in September 2017 and I assume this page will then soon go. I was a Lecturer (previously PG student, RA and CO) in Computing. I was Head of the Computing Department from 2007 - 2013. My research work was in the area of databases, as part of the AI Research (AIRe) Group, originally focusing on bibliographic applications including BOPAC. I was an invited speaker at the International Conference on the Principles and Future Development of AACR and a member of the Joint Steering Committe for Revision of Anglo-American Cataloging Rules: Format Variation Working Group. My publications are listed (with some other Database related ones) in the Database publication list and in the official AI group publications list (now see Publications menu on AIRe Group page).

Don't find me on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and if I ignore requests to join, become a friend on.... don't think me rude. Life is too short, I did reply to real emails from real people though, honest.





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