Anitta Patience Namanya

Network and Performance Research Group, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

PhD Title " Heuristic Feature based Quantification Framework for Efficient malware detection”

Research Challenge

The evolution of malware detection remains a challenge for the security community. Syntactic signatures have been used by antivirus and anti-malware to detect malware using known program structure. However, syntactic signatures have not proved efficient in detecting obfuscated malware and volume of malware discovered daily keeps growing exponentially. Automated analysis has become important in malware analysis and detection. The focus of this research is to suggest a new heuristic approach to malware analysis and score for more efficient malware detection..

Research Interests

Malware, Botnets, Malware Detection and Analysis, honeypots, Cyber Security, Network Performance, Mobile Communication Systems, Network Modelling, Cognitive Radio

Current Work

I have worked with static malware analysis tools to examine PE type files to correlate indicators of compromise that I called fingerprints, which I collected to show statistically. The Work was presented at UKPEW 2015 Workshop held at the University of Leeds. Further exploration of some of the static analysis methods and signatures allowed me to propose a new approach towards combining the various file hashes used in malware classification for better detection rates and my work was presented at and published by Ficloud2016.

I am also currently working within my research group to set up a Unified Cyber Threat Analysis and Management Framework for our Cyber Security Research Centre with the assistance of the University technical support team.


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·         Namanya,A.P; Pagna-Disso, J, Awan, I (2015): A framework for automated hybrid signature generation for Portable Executable malware detection; Poster presented at the ACM-W UK Inspire 2015 Celebration of Women in Computing. Imperial College, London, UK – Awarded 2nd Prize in Best Poster Award.